Healthy eating: Inspiring the whole family

The anti-inflammatory diet is so tasty and varied that with a little push from you, you can get everyone excited about it. And with good reason, no matter why you’re embarking on your anti-inflammatory journey, the benefits are wide reaching. Incorporating healthy foods and habits can encourage weight loss, help to prevent heart disease and set your kids up for life.

Below are our Top 10 Tips to get the whole family on board with healthy eating!

  1. Be a positive role model: instead of enforcing a strict diet, simply live your healthy lifestyle. Talk positively about the changes you are making, discuss how great you feel and how delicious the food is. Your family will notice how good you feel, and see the benefits of your dietary change—maybe they’ll want to join!
  2. “Healthify” family favourites: a healthy twist can help your family enjoy nutritious food without even knowing it. Try our “healthy shepherds pie” or turkey burger with sweet potato wedges.  
  3. Tuck into healthy snacks: snacking is a great way to include healthy foods that can also be a real treat. Try a cheese plate with sliced veggies and houmous or fresh berries for an afternoon snack, or how about a child friendly chocolate smoothie?
  4. Cook in bulk & freeze: those days when schedules are all over the place can mean take-away food, but stocking up can help everyone make healthier choices daily. Try batch-cooking our bean chilli and freeze for a midweek meal?
  5. Make cooking fun: Instead of a chore, make cooking an activity that includes the whole family. Try new foods and cooking gadgets to keep things exciting- these healthy ginger cookies are fun for everyone.
  6. Start small: start with one healthy meal or snack, or one healthy ingredient at a time. Keep things familiar so that change is not overwhelming.
  7. Create options: you can include healthy foods, but they don’t have to be the only choice at the table—this can be a helpful tactic to get the family on board. For instance, serve both sweet potato and regular potatoes on the table, or encourage creativity and turn pizza making into a family activity. Buy ready-made wholewheat bases and decorate with a variety of toppings, including lots of veggies of course!
  8. Fun menu board: creating a menu can be a great organisation tool, and another way to get everyone involved. The whole family can contribute to the dinner choices, and know what to expect throughout the week. It also keeps things less stressful at dinner time each night.
  9. Eating as a family has been linked to healthier habits such as children eating more vegetables, less processed foods, trying new foods and eating proper portions. Taking time to bond over dinner can be valuable in establishing healthy habits for your children.
  10. Celebrate Successes: When you’ve made some healthy changes, it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate them to make good change a positive experience. Why not bake a healthy cake? This can keep motivation high and spark a positive relationship with healthy food.

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