Meet coach Becky

Hi I’m Becky, I have always been incredibly passionate about food… mostly eating it! However it wasn’t until years of working in the media took it’s toll that I woke up to the real potential of nutrition and the powerful effect it can have not just on your physical health but on your emotional and mental health too.


Becky’s Ethos
I would never tell anyone to make drastic changes to their diet if it was going to make them miserable, the pleasure associated with eating food can often be as beneficial as the foods themselves! Making informed decisions really is the key, a lot of us know what we ‘should’ eat but not why.

becky2In my experience personal coaching can really help you to make changes and stay on track and if you do occasionally ‘slip up’, give yourself a break and be realistic – as long as you have the tools to get back on track, you will!

becky 3The Geeky Bit
After initially working in radio, I spent 4 years retraining at The Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London where I now see clients at my regular clinic.

I help people with a variety of concerns from stress and skin conditions to digestive health and hormonal imbalances. Getting to the root cause is the focus for any Functional Medicine practitioner and I enjoy playing detective to really help people improve their health for good. I also have a special interest in exploring the relationship between our DNA and our diets.

Becky’s Top 3 Foods 
Coconut anything!

… And her worst! 

Sliced white bread
Liver, kidneys or offal (any of those strange meats!)

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