Meet coach Kyla Williams

Hi, I’m Kyla! Healthy eating has always been a part of my life since a young age, from asking for fruit trees for my birthdays as a kid, to getting creative in the kitchen.

Growing up with my younger sister suffering from eczema gave me a real incentive to understand the connection between how the human body works and the food we eat.

With a sweet tooth and a love of the little pleasures in life, I strive to make nutrition fun, filling your days with the foods you enjoy. From healthy cakes to healthy cocktails, you name it, I’ve created it!

Kyla 1Kyla’s Ethos
As a massive foodie myself, I understand passion for eating and personal preferences, so I’m here to introduce you to lots of delicious healthy meals! There’s nothing boring or restricted with my advice ☺

In my opinion, a ‘diet’ should not be an unrealistic phase to follow for a few weeks, but it should be a satisfying healthy lifestyle which is easy to maintain.

Kyla 2

The Geeky Bit
7 years at university seemed to prep me well for being a bit of a nutrition geek!
After finishing a BSc degree in Medical Engineering (designing joint implants and experimenting with cells in the lab) I went on to follow my dream by studying a diploma in Nutritional Therapy and a master’s degree in Nutritional Medicine.Kyla 3

Having practised as a nutritionist in my clinic in central London since 2010, I am proud to say that I have transformed the lives of many, including hundreds of people living with skin conditions.

Kyla’s Top 3 Foods

… And her worst!

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