Meet coach Sarah

My name is Sarah Goldstein and I am a Nutritionist based in my hometown Toronto, Canada. I am continually inspired by the power of food and its ability to help the body and promote overall wellness.

As a young child I was always curious about food and loved to cook – I was hosting dinner parties for my friends by age 13! I also learned early on that what I ate affected how I felt in my day-to-day life. Once I made this connection, I had the strong desire to learn the science and reason behind it. This natural curiosity that was sparked as a young child continued and it was a natural fit for me to study nutrition.

As a Nutritionist, I have been very fortunate to work with amazing clients, all over the world. Today I combine an evidence-based approach with a compassionate and personalised coaching style. Food and nutrition does not have to be complicated (or boring!) and I always try to keep things simple, light and fun!

Food plays many roles in todays culture and I think it is just as important to eat a piece of cake at your friend’s birthday party as it is to eat kale and broccoli. I also strongly believe that you should never feel deprived and that the focus should always be on the positive. No matter what restrictions, intolerance or allergies you may have, there is an abundance of food available to you. So, if you can’t have that cake at your friends birthday party because of the ingredients, there are many healthy cake recipes for you to enjoy that are equally as delicious!

I am passionate about helping people live happier, healthier lives and truly believe that food has the potential to bring us the greatest joy and nourishment. By following healthy recipes and incorporating small changes, you can create an everlasting change and feel great!

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