Pop your plates under our nutritional microscope: updated app feature

We’re delighted to bring you our new in-depth meal scoring system. Simply snap a meal photo as usual, then get precise feedback on the anti-inflammatory potential of your meal, along with some personal feedback and inspiration to help you score even higher next time.

How does it work?

Your coach splits your meal into the nutritional components most beneficial for your health—protein, fibre, healthy fats and antioxidants. A score for each is given, then visualised with your meal photo. Your coach adds up all your levels of healthy goodness giving you a total meal score, and a real insight into how you’re improving with every meal.

Coaching at its most effective

Our coaches love this new feature as it helps them to identify the areas where you might need extra support. So, if they notice low antioxidants in your meals for example, an anti-inflammatory smoothie challenge may be coming your way!

Strengthening healthy habits

You’ll find the science behind what you are eating both fascinating and motivating. With measurable feedback available to you at every meal—you can start to build a picture of what nutrients you’re getting for long term health benefits. The best way to build healthy new habits is to work on the things you’re already doing well, and just keep improving. No time like the present…download the TREAT app and snap a meal right photo now!scores@2x

A Nutritionist in your pocket

Get all the tools you need to blend your healthy new eating habits with your lifestyle in a fun and easy way, all packaged into our beautiful iPhone app.

Nutritionist app

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