Anti-inflammatory breakfast recipes
Breakfast is often the meal that lets people down. We all love a buttery croissant or crunchy sugary cereal, but where is the nutritional value in these foods? Many common breakfast foods are lacking in nutrients and deliver fast releasing carbohydrates at the time of day when we are most sensitive to them.

Eating typical breakfast foods like cereal and toast are likely to encourage your body to store excess fat, which is not exactly the ideal start to the day. Inflammatory conditions like psoriasis or arthritis can be worsened by carrying a bit of extra weight so you may want to second think what you are having to start the day. If you believe that you need a lot of carbohydrates in the morning to give you energy, think again! Refined carbohydrates (e.g. white bread and jam) are broken down very quickly in the body, therefore may give you a quick surge of energy followed by a slump of feeling tired and craving other foods.

A perfect anti inflammatory breakfast would include a serving of healthy antioxidants from colourful fruits or vegetables rich in vitamin A and C, a good amount of soluble fibre, oats are great, along with some protein. Antioxidants may help to heal the skin and can support the immune system too! Fibre works to remove excess toxins out of the body, and protein helps to keep you satisfied, stabilising your blood sugar levels and preventing those elevenses biscuit cravings!